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General Conversations - The Sequel239Galactus12 d
If you had the Anti-Life Equation would you use it13Dark_Wing2 d
Would you rather "Superhero" addition 267Dark_Wing3 d
Who's Paying for Superhero Damage?0Eavesy6 d
what is your favorite superpower15jongensoden7 d
Would you except a deal that made it so @ManOfPowers can animate his death battles and get a research team at the cost that Screwattack would stop making videos 7Dark_Wing9 d
Do all of screwattacks Death Battles take place in the same universe 1Dark_Wing11 d
What are your thoughts on DanCo 34Dark_Wing12 d
What do you hate about this website.20jongensoden15 d
What do you love about this website.37Galactus17 d
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Should Mary Sue be on this site 0Dark_Wing1 h
Request missing superpowers to charachters283jongensoden5 h
Rank those powers4jongensoden5 h
Is Franklin Richards a Garry Sue 1Dark_Wing23 h
SHDB vs Comicvine13jongensoden3 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 74Bbq4444 d
Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site7Dark_Wing4 d
ranking superman versions1jongensoden7 d
Your favourite characters 21Marvel5007 d
Should we have goat simulator charachters on this site9jongensoden7 d
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Tag Team Debate Tournament #2128soulcollecter3442 min
6 Team Cosmic Debate!175AkhilPDX3 h
Casual vote-only tournament43soratoumiga8 h
The Soulcollecter's Graveyard107Soulcollecter5711 d
Dishonored vs Assassins creed6Crimsonassassin13 d
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Earth 616 Hulk (TheNemianLion)46SirSpidey13 d
ManofPower's Death Battle396ManofPower15 d
can garmadon beat thanos? and how?7ultron16 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time13EmptyHand17 d
Tag Team Debate Tournament103Soulcollecter5718 d
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What is a more major power to have? Omnipotence, Omniscience or omnipresence.11EmptyHand3 d
DC or Marvel31wolfdragon1235 d
Would you rather?3EmptyHand19 d
Varosverse Ideas51ManofPower22 d
Varosverse Stories 240ManofPower28 d
The Prescence & The Overvoid 1Speedster_Shahm28 d
OC Megaverse?12ManofPower32 d
Do you remember your first readed comic?7Yolohan36 d
Varosverse "Stories"231ManofPower49 d
Comics vs manga 2Crimsonassassin57 d
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Movies / Television

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Avengers 4 (2019)23Galactus2 d
Best Mcu films11Marvel5002 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies13wolfdragon12317 d
Who can defeat...58jongensoden19 d
New Titans Netflix3krisodinson30 d
Rank every superhero movie ever17EmptyHand31 d
The Spiderman Trilogy or Dark Knight Trilogy?6ManofPower31 d
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.5Yolohan39 d
Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)27Dark_Wing55 d
Favourite characters from MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)41soratoumiga57 d
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Top 5 or top 10 characters you want to see in MCOC0Dark_Wing10 d
Mortal Kombat Kustom Intros84DarkProdigy19 d
Assassins creed vs Dishonored 18Dcfan12333 d
Favourite Artists/Bands/Rappers/Songs etc.17soratoumiga83 d
I'm trying to make a game 7Z_man_the_overpowered113 d
Who are you gonna main in smash Ultimate6Z_man_the_overpowered125 d
Ideas for Superman game9Z_man_the_overpowered131 d
Marvel vs Dc the game13ManofPower175 d
Who plays league of legends?4windshadow197 d
The Amazing Spider-Man issue1BenjaminJohnson214 d
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Suggestions for the site734remy941 d
Help346Galactus14 d
SHDB v4.036Galactus24 d
Website bugs173Galactus35 d
Missing Superpowers250Galactus5 h
How do you become an editor 5Dark_Wing4 d
What happened to @ArthurCurry896Dark_Wing12 d
Would you rather be a mod now or wait until the new site is out and become a herald2Dark_Wing23 d
Best memory you've had with someone on the site28DarkProdigy30 d
How do I change my profile pic?1Dark_Wing32 d
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Im sorry... for everything13Iamsorryeveryone5 h
Why I Support T-Series1TheNemianLion2 d
Your worst memory on this site70jongensoden10 d
Injustice/injustice 2 quotes and clashes7Crimsonassassin15 d
OC Highschool 2541ManofPower15 d
New Diss Track23TheNemianLion20 d
A very opinionated forum23EmptyHand24 d
I have a mystery for you43DarkProdigy37 d
Report my comment0EmptyHand37 d
Alone At The Top35SirSpidey39 d
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