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Who is this?4Silverbullet199056 d
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC10soratoumiga64 d
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion64 d
dimension power levels10krisodinson64 d
Most powerful DC characters list10EmptyHand65 d
Who are you bias towards?11ManofPower65 d
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand72 d
Why is my team of Gentry not in the database yet?0EmptyHand73 d
Missing Powers4_Holy_Joe_81 d
Strongest OCs for each stat24windshadow85 d
Top 10 most powerful characters outside Marvel/DC65TheSuspect66686 d
Would you rather be any Jedi/Sith of your choosing or be Batman and why 6Dark_wing98 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 66Bbq44498 d
Superhero Analysis - Energy Manipulation6SirSpidey99 d
Looking for statistics1ADMteacher111 d
How strong is Goku really32Soulcollecter57112 d
What are your comic book power rankings91soulcollecter34114 d
The Greatest feats of...12Soulcollecter57118 d
Ultimate Respect Thread: Thor Odinson (Journey Into Mystery Volume 1)11SirSpidey119 d
Would it be possible to update characters already created?0Root126 d
Why Hulk at his peak is Nonillions of times faster than Iron Fist37TheNemianLion141 d
Most Powerful Women (In Fiction)13soratoumiga147 d
Witcher - Geralt of Rivia0ta11111150 d
Can't find new characters added to database0Alkalidum154 d
OC Theme Songs14Percival155 d
Who is more popular Star Storms , Heartstone or Lionman53ManofPower155 d
Lionman Copycats(Pun intended). 42windshadow155 d
Favorite LGBT+ Characters41alias_copper155 d
What inspired your OCs7ManofPower156 d
Most Powerful Video Game Characters.27TheSuspect666156 d
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor89soratoumiga160 d
Why Shaquille O'Neal's Steel is the most powerful character in Fiction (Satire)7ElectroSpino166 d
Tony stark/ bruce wayne comparison3krisodinson168 d
Which Lantern Core do you belong to?11AkhilPDX174 d
Top 5 Favorite Characters7SirSpidey174 d
160 Reasons Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger45SirSpidey179 d
The End All Be All44soulcollecter34186 d
Who is the smartest person out of DC and Marvel in your opionon16LordAntMan190 d
Thirteen Reasons Why (Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger)81soratoumiga194 d
What power level is Onslaught?8ElectroSpino198 d
Assemble your dream team22soratoumiga202 d
What's the difference between Superman Prime, Superman One-Million and Superman Prime One Million?8windshadow204 d
Top 20 Favorite Heroes and Villains48AkhilPDX204 d
The Endless v. Dark Monitor and Thought Robot3soratoumiga205 d
Your top 10 favourite Magic users19soratoumiga206 d
Most underrated superheroes and villains!14legoman2207 d
Favorite Ships21LordTracer207 d
Members of the Batfamily8LordTracer207 d
Most powerful mutants in Marvel7soratoumiga207 d
Most powerful Omega-level Mutants11IMABATMAN42208 d
Would you rather...97jongensoden208 d
Top 50 Strongest Marvel and DC Characters2windshadow209 d
Marvel and DC Tier List41windshadow209 d
Justice League v. Avengers9soratoumiga211 d
here you can ask questions42jongensoden211 d
If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?38ManofPower211 d
Strongest Characters- Marvel, DC, Overall Rankings!46AkhilPDX211 d
feats17jongensoden211 d
An accurate power level chart89Soulcollecter57211 d
You're a Liar, Prove Me Wrong139Soulcollecter57211 d
Superheroes who turned to supervillains4soratoumiga213 d
what is your favorite villian31jongensoden213 d
Is Wally West black or white?19windshadow213 d
There Is No Character Above Multiversal, Prove Me Wrong41SirSpidey213 d
Who is the strongest Thanos on this website6ultron213 d
Heroes who can defeat Darkseid24soratoumiga216 d
Top 20 Most Powerful - Marvel and DC61LordTracer216 d
Villains who can beat Darkseid6soratoumiga216 d
Intelligence - Best Tacticians39soratoumiga217 d
Intelligence- Top 10 Smartest Marvel/DC Heroes21AkhilPDX219 d
Thanos 3ThorGodOfThunder94221 d
What's the most emotional moment in comics / comic book movies?24soratoumiga221 d
Copying is a bad thing1DarkProdigy224 d
Copied OCs16ManofPower228 d
OC Power Levels25ManofPower229 d
usstats18borutog229 d
What would happen if these people had children? How would their children look like?15soratoumiga231 d
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time60wolfdragon123232 d
Adding characters18Kanine88232 d
Most Powerful OCs 35ManofPower234 d
The Oc League16ManofPower234 d
Which of your OCs have lost against other characters(OC or not) and whom did they lose to?18windshadow235 d
Feats of your OCs14soratoumiga235 d
Q&A for the OCs2LordTracer235 d
Has Wonder woman evolved over time?1aaeron98236 d
Top Ten most powerful Ocs (That aren't Omnipotent or Nigh-Omnipotent)12ManofPower237 d
( DISCUSSION ) Most powerful Avengers33soratoumiga237 d
Who has the most accurate stats/powers etc?12DarkProdigy237 d
Who is the most powerful comic book character?88SidebarTwist238 d
What is the most powerful type of magic in Marvel/DC?66soratoumiga238 d
Rank top 10 most POWERFUL heroes in DC13soratoumiga239 d
Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards?38soratoumiga239 d
Which SUPERHERO Is More Powerful Than Thor?152SirSpidey240 d
The truth is a god, and can you add a top tens chart for the heroes1GetawayPig241 d
Superhero Dream Team16Swarm242 d
Most powerful characters38Darth_Doom244 d
missing objects5jongensoden244 d
Who is your favorite Marvel superhero 26Animuislifu246 d
Top 5 least favorite characters.92IMABATMAN42246 d
Favourite superpowers 16ThorGodOfThunder94246 d
Favorite Character and why16remy94246 d
Favorite Superhero9CaptainAmericaTakesAll246 d
my new song6ultron246 d
most powerful characters in the database7Z_man_the_overpowered246 d
Who can defeat Mister Mxyzptlk?16soratoumiga246 d
Who can defeat Galactus?9soratoumiga246 d
Overly Disrespected Characters13Soulcollecter57246 d
Who can defeat White Phoenix of the Crown?6soratoumiga246 d
Avengers and Justice League - Other Franchises19LordTracer248 d
Do you consider Mister Mxyzptlk a villain?5soratoumiga249 d
Top 30 Spiderman villains43Soulcollecter57250 d
i have a challenge0jongensoden251 d
Who is your favourite omnipotent being?8soratoumiga251 d
Who can defeat Joker23jongensoden251 d
Favourite fictional characters?21soratoumiga252 d
Crossover Characters6LordTracer252 d
who is your favorite hero neutral charachter12jongensoden252 d
who is your favorite hero 19jongensoden252 d
who is your favorite villian neutral charachter 9jongensoden254 d
who wants to be in the ultron club18jongensoden254 d
what is your favorite character7jongensoden254 d
Who wants to join the Varosverse27ManofPower256 d
What is the most powerful weapon of all the Ocs61ManofPower256 d
Top 100 DC Characters9Swarm257 d
Top 100 Marvel Characters39Swarm257 d
Most overrated characters1soratoumiga257 d
Top 65Amirvel257 d
Most powerful Avengers19soratoumiga258 d
Most powerful characters in DC6soratoumiga258 d
20 most powerful DC characters0soratoumiga258 d
Top 10 Marvel Characters5LordTracer258 d
Star Storms78ManofPower258 d
Star Storms II5ManofPower258 d
The Lionman24TheNemianLion259 d
Rocket Man0Soulcollecter57259 d
Phantom Wraith/The Menace (my original characters)0soratoumiga260 d
Who's your favourite member of The Endless?3soratoumiga260 d
characthers who can kill scarlet witch hom97borutog260 d
Questions about Zer0Verse 39Zer029260 d
Greatest feats of my OC4soratoumiga261 d
Characters who can defeat Scarlet Witch HoM103TheSuspect666261 d
Oc Power Levels16TheNemianLion262 d
Who is my best Oc22ManofPower262 d
I Have a Challenge37ManofPower263 d
Respect House of M Scarlet Witch12soratoumiga264 d
Who is Dr.Slash8jar264 d
Zer0Verse2Zer029265 d
Character Forms9TheNemianLion265 d
Why can't I add more original characters, I only can add 5, and other users can add more?11soratoumiga265 d
DCEU/MCU Characters power65TheSuspect666265 d
DC / Marvel crossover couples19Amirvel267 d
Varosverse Copycats7ManofPower267 d
Which Fictional/Non-Fictional Character Has The Best Quotes? 12SirSpidey271 d
Top 10 ocs 8ManofPower272 d
Respect Rune King Thor4SirSpidey273 d
Varosverse Favorites (Please Read the description )17ManofPower274 d
How Powerful is Thor39ManofPower275 d
Narutoverse1Sadkat276 d
Top Five Favorite Varosverse Characters7ManofPower279 d
Ask about the Varosverse102ManofPower279 d
who are your favorite dc charachters0Brtnrt279 d
Top Ten Favorite Varosverse Characters1ManofPower279 d
Who is your top twenty fictional favorites14ManofPower280 d
most powerfull characters3ultron281 d
Superhero/Supervillain Theme Songs72LordTracer282 d
Team VS 3 Powerful Characters3Percival284 d
Marvel and DC Copy Cats4SidebarTwist285 d
Who is your number one46ManofPower285 d
Top Twenty Favorite Marvel and Dc Characters29ManofPower286 d
Did anyone's character get changed/Deletes9ManofPower287 d
when will the character adder be online again1jongensoden288 d
Why do people not like power scaling?17IMABATMAN42291 d
Who wants to join the Prodamon universe11ManofPower292 d
How would you all feel about adding OC'S to this site?48TheNemianLion295 d
MCU Characters33TheNemianLion297 d
Top 50 most powerful female superheroes3TheNemianLion298 d
Who\\\'s your favorite super form5Darth_Doom298 d
Fastest Characters19Darth_Doom299 d
Add Characters2Darth_Doom300 d
Pick your favorite superman villia n 6Darth_Doom302 d
communist superheroes8Z_man_the_overpowered304 d
Favorite Songs of Superheroes7The_Archress_2018312 d
Is Black Widow disguised as Yelena Belova in Infinity War?1DarkProdigy313 d
Character Power Levels13LordTracer318 d
Physician Superhero 12remy94329 d
Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings3Akephalos331 d
Ever Done An Ultimate Respect Thread On A Character?3SirSpidey336 d
How does one add characters?4TheNemianLion345 d
Least favorite characters8Amirvel349 d
Amalgam Universe6Crujir355 d
Characters25TheSuspect6661 y and 11233 m
Nova Sam Alexander0phrank11991 y and 49679 m
Superheroes as Pokemon Trainers11The_Archress_20181 y and 62333 m
Weakest Hero4Animuislifu1 y and 63880 m
Comic books/Lord of the rings 9Amirvel1 y and 83860 m
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 32Dellmamy451 y and 91697 m
Thor's Strength1SirSpidey1 y and 124093 m
Fanmade Superheroes10vyomic1 y and 127876 m
The Shadow0GaryThePickle1 y and 157067 m
Which character are you?6Amirvel1 y and 191837 m
My own custom hero2solo1 y and 294726 m
ROCKET RACER?2MING1 y and 416623 m
Wonder Woman vs. Hulk8NickTendo691 y and 430959 m
Top 10 villians 20remy941 y and 529195 m
Marvel Characters that wield swords3Animuislifu1 y and 542391 m
Firefly2Aqua Archer1 y and 552365 m
What do you think the most powerful combo of superheroes/supervillains would be23Heroofall1 y and 568217 m
Marvel Characters with Power rings2Animuislifu1 y and 607526 m
WHAT IF: Wolverine's Skeleton was not Adamantium but ....1_b1ackbird1 y and 930934 m
Wonder woman1rramsden1 y and 1007542 m
Rouge's power0Heroofall2 y and 22384 m
Is there any character who can defeat Berserker Thor ??4ThorDB2 y and 24458 m
Power Levels 3Spectre942 y and 47703 m
Need management dissertation topics?0Williamz2 y and 81048 m
Wolverine Q&A and Discussion 0Animuislifu2 y and 113315 m
do you think kylo ren could survive in the wild wild west?1kingkyloren2 y and 114868 m
Why Aang Should Be Added To The Database3SirSpidey2 y and 120153 m
Marvel Characters who Kill?1Animuislifu2 y and 146143 m
The Power of The Force2SirSpidey2 y and 152442 m
a description of Splice0Animuislifu2 y and 154423 m
Marvel Mercs0Animuislifu2 y and 157289 m
Lobo's Healing Factor and Deadpools Healing Factor0Animuislifu2 y and 157855 m
I need a new favorite Superhero that matches this describtion4Animuislifu2 y and 174025 m
Top 20 X-Men villains20Soulcollecter572 y and 217041 m
Bodyguard6Chico152 y and 233872 m
Who would win? Superman vs Galactus10Galactus2 y and 235094 m
Marvel Character that has cross-dimension awareness (fourth-Wall Breaking) 2Animuislifu2 y and 235394 m
DC characters with Cross-Dimension Awareness (Fourth-wall Breaking)5Animuislifu2 y and 235397 m
Rob0JobroKing2 y and 264024 m
rob0JobroKing2 y and 264029 m
Export list?0jrochet2 y and 296832 m
GREEN ARROW0OliviaJackson2 y and 311878 m
Finn Costume0OliviaJackson2 y and 311902 m
CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR COMIC FANS0OliviaJackson2 y and 314499 m
Superman Costume0OliviaJackson2 y and 314524 m
Super hero Quotes on profile0tigerman8992 y and 361345 m
Add Character "Trigon" of DC's comics2Shubham1Dasgupta2 y and 377831 m
whos the hotter heroine 4were_wolf302 y and 384646 m
Top 12 most powerful beings in the universe6remy942 y and 399969 m
Weapons 3God_of_Thunder2 y and 407001 m
Miles Morales1SNBPLC2 y and 421222 m
Double Down0Blackjack2 y and 446521 m
LEGO Marvel5klint2 y and 447430 m
Top Female Characters13EthanWolverineFan2 y and 447730 m
venompool0tamyo20162 y and 473036 m
Transformers1Galactus2 y and 478462 m
Static Shock1Chico152 y and 481222 m
Alex Mercer in the DB3Sameak2 y and 486257 m
Put Stats in these characters!!8clamulct212 y and 489077 m
Help! I need to know a characters name!5Phantomwolf2 y and 612713 m
Captain atom0Yuyudodo2 y and 630451 m
Galaxy17Galaxy2 y and 667772 m
Star Sapphire 0Superheroes21122 y and 678267 m
Barry Allen/The Flash1Gozaru2 y and 702076 m
ALLOW US TO EDIT PROFILES & CREATE THEM.5xPerfectionist2 y and 714358 m
Blank Characters0Gerald Moore X2 y and 717112 m
Deadpools limits0sebpool2172 y and 754632 m
Idea for a superheros13Nitroshifter2 y and 756601 m
Where is Supreme?3Blazinghorror2 y and 868612 m
How can I add photos to the gallery0SethNova3 y and 59604 m
Goku should be a Gold Tier3migz9253 y and 84724 m
Shadow Universe19legoman23 y and 111479 m
Deadpool character 1Deadpool2016JRU3 y and 118207 m
Paul Blart0Mikiemen253 y and 148193 m
Evolution of the Batmobile 0Eavesy3 y and 155085 m
Krypton3supermans_sister33013 y and 174447 m
Captain Marvel vs Captain Mar-vell 2G450NEGUNS3 y and 179031 m
What are the strongest characters on superhero database?3Maleman123 y and 223765 m
batman vs superman2batfreak17023 y and 270598 m
Name of this Superhero.1TheGreatEater3 y and 278840 m
Drax The Destroyer0elimcutie3 y and 288084 m
Sort by Power Ranking1baederp3 y and 288487 m
Deadpool1SuperheroWannabee3 y and 346776 m
Goku and Bane2GOKUZZZ3 y and 348513 m
Can somebody please identify this character?0Edsta123453 y and 356690 m
Condiment King4nprim3253 y and 413401 m
sasuke/ itachi /minato/1crockillshark3 y and 416151 m
Add a new one3shadow15243 y and 416155 m
Any updates?3legoman23 y and 443330 m
new character1jeevesmonster3 y and 472462 m
Galactus VS Thanos Ultimate Battle!!0MicroAssassin243 y and 522425 m
Deadpool0MicroAssassin243 y and 522475 m
Anyone here a Vegeta Fan??1Akwid13 y and 543368 m
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new character23jeevesmonster3 y and 668325 m
Underrated: Scarlet Witch0estano1283 y and 670564 m
How do I add these Christian characters?4TumblePhobic3 y and 679387 m
Superman's stats2kryptonkid3 y and 750510 m
Character Stats0Benji-C3 y and 752767 m
Random0Supatrav3 y and 807094 m
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40003 y and 825309 m
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40003 y and 825309 m
Superhero2lissa_martinez3 y and 828722 m
Living Tribunal0chopchop3123 y and 951565 m
Origin Stories0Squigglyo3 y and 955445 m
What Superhero is Your Dog?0fivehead3 y and 973215 m
Most Powerful & Strongest of the Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball3uglyspecies3 y and 992301 m
Why is there any gold saints from saint seiya? gods killers doesn't deserve it?0shaka4 y and 38742 m
Watchmen1whitesoxfan21784 y and 125404 m
Add0ActionMan4 y and 214646 m
Why isn't Buffy Summers in this database?0rowanda3804 y and 214780 m
DC and Marvel Characters BIO0reinhard_janssen34 y and 302449 m
The Lantern Corps0Pancakehouse374 y and 315409 m
Rom Spaceknight0Darkgnome1014 y and 334759 m
Vigilante2AceDiamonds4 y and 334767 m
Vegeta1Chico154 y and 386536 m
LBX0Chico154 y and 395011 m
DeadPool2GamePup014 y and 439935 m
Whose the hero / villian0shadofang4 y and 469919 m
Imperiled0AceEliteX4 y and 537144 m
that can kill the incredible hulk6randy4 y and 691252 m
Get your own characters in a database0Avatar Prime4 y and 715808 m
Artemis / Tigress0unknownimmortal4 y and 739418 m
Is there anyone in marvel who could truely rival Superman?11WolverineLOH4 y and 747712 m
GOTHAM HAS AWESOME VILLANS5LordAntMan4 y and 747732 m
If Character Recommendations9Ninja4 y and 755555 m
Gaia Force: A whole new group of heroes0Avatar Prime4 y and 803158 m
Power3Chico154 y and 810367 m
Masters of the Universe1Dovel74 y and 813248 m
Batman vs captain America3deadpool94 y and 822604 m
More heroes and villians?127legoman24 y and 828202 m
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Green Goblin (Norman) update2specgreengoblin4 y and 858496 m
Superhero Dating Profiles (Infographic)0Eavesy4 y and 860975 m
The Avengers 2 villain23Galactus4 y and 869594 m
Who?5Chico154 y and 877767 m
Soloman Grundy3VillaBoss4 y and 895415 m
Where1froggle134 y and 963943 m
Buus0Chico155 y and 37607 m
I need some help with a couple of names or related info0PhiSchmo5 y and 80969 m
Is Rich Ryder coming back?0kobe20005 y and 87553 m
Mega Man1jager5 y and 202382 m
Howard The Duck1SuperToddler5 y and 483836 m
top 10 superheroes5cade5 y and 554121 m
I need help!7super_sim5 y and 554138 m
dark Seid vs Apocalypse 1captainatom5 y and 557468 m
Debate8Ninja5 y and 563153 m
Character info needed2LordAntMan5 y and 615864 m
Worst Character Ideas Ever1SuperToddler5 y and 617881 m
Anyone Add A Page For The New Venom?0kugiamaster5 y and 626234 m
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iron man?1dude1231455 y and 649564 m
Look at this pic2people5 y and 651892 m
Poultry Pal: Defender of barn animals!0SuperToddler5 y and 657305 m