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New Titans Netflix3krisodinson59 d
Rank every superhero movie ever17EmptyHand60 d
The Spiderman Trilogy or Dark Knight Trilogy?6ManofPower60 d
Do you H8 watchmojo?4EmptyHand67 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies9wolfdragon12368 d
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.5Yolohan68 d
Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)27Dark_wing83 d
Favourite characters from MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)41soratoumiga86 d
Favorite Movie Trilogy and Franchise 19SidebarTwist86 d
Why didn't thanos double the amount of resources in the universe 28Dark_wing94 d
Best Mcu films10Marvel50096 d
Rank every Marvel movie from Best to Worst24DarkProdigy96 d
Favorite Tv Shows81IMABATMAN42100 d
Music11Cars23107 d
If you could play any role in the MCU or DCEU, which role would it be?42soratoumiga115 d
Titans (2018)8Rizzo136 d
Avengers 4 (2019)22Galactus143 d
Venom - Movie Topic8ManofPower148 d
Which superhero or superhero team has the best music / theme song14ag940000162 d
Marvel 0comicslash175 d
Captain Marvel Trailer41TheNemianLion178 d
MCU & DCEU361Swarm188 d
Most Powerful Movie Characters11windshadow194 d
who loves lego ninjago8jongensoden207 d
Aquaman (2018)0Galactus216 d
Captain Marvel (2019)0Galactus216 d
Wonder Woman 1984 (2019)0Galactus216 d
SHAZAM! (2019)48plaidcoolflyer217 d
Grant Gustin vs Ezra Miller11ManofPower232 d
Young Justice: Outsiders 9IMABATMAN42239 d
Avengers Power Level Pack - Trilogy 49TheNemianLion248 d
Who can defeat...54jongensoden252 d
Ant-Man And The Wasp30plaidcoolflyer253 d
Star Wars -vs- Star Trek20Galactus253 d
Favorite animated TV shows?38IMABATMAN42254 d
Mcu/Dceu theories16ManofPower255 d
Finger Snap1plaidcoolflyer258 d
Fixing Spider-Man 30plaidcoolflyer260 d
Who is your favorite YouTuber? 43IMABATMAN42262 d
The Infinite Alliance25_Holy_Joe_262 d
How Infinity War Should Have Ended1plaidcoolflyer263 d
Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Bad SPIDER-MAN Movie6plaidcoolflyer268 d
Nba Warriors Or Cavs23Bbq444284 d
What if15ManofPower285 d
Superhero Movies 94remy94286 d
Anime51IMABATMAN42288 d
who knows lego ninjago1ultron289 d
marvel vs dc39were_wolf30290 d
Infinity War (2018)120Amirvel308 d
Infinity War Book Office Victory6TheNemianLion311 d
Who likes Battlefront 21CaptainAmericaTakesAll311 d
What do you think about the VENOM movie?4plaidcoolflyer315 d
Your top 5 movies33Galactus316 d
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)1Galactus323 d
Venom (2018)0Galactus323 d
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)0Galactus323 d
Deadpool 2 (2018)0Galactus323 d
Top 5 Superhero Deaths7plaidcoolflyer325 d
Naruto6IMABATMAN42337 d
Top 10 Favorite Fight Scenes In Movies7plaidcoolflyer341 d
Favorite Non-Comic Book Movies7plaidcoolflyer349 d
Heroes1Amirvel362 d
Top 5 Supervillain deaths4plaidcoolflyer1 y and 42938 m
Should there be a Blade reboot?1plaidcoolflyer1 y and 48371 m
Black Panther Movie Review 10wolfdragon1231 y and 65876 m
Actors meeting their superhero characters1The_Archress_20181 y and 68380 m
Soul Stone7Ankit54741 y and 135990 m
Top 5 TV Shows 11wolfdragon1231 y and 178655 m
Justice League Review4SirSpidey1 y and 233466 m
Rebooting of the hulk films?2ArkRider1 y and 308072 m
Star Wars Graffiti & Street Art From Around The World2Eavesy1 y and 646821 m
Nightwing0C3PO2 y and 22327 m
Which Star Wars Character is the Best Project Manager?3Eavesy2 y and 188198 m
Fictionís Best Ever Engineers1Eavesy2 y and 213516 m
deadpool3captainatom2 y and 500557 m
Making Super Hero History0binki2 y and 647566 m
(youtube video) When i\'m Marvel0liamlf2 y and 666779 m
HELP0werunthemaze2 y and 843440 m
Who should star as An to Man in his new film?1legoman23 y and 219863 m
The Cost of the Starship Enterprise1Eavesy3 y and 513516 m
'Superheroes' short film0CreativeBuzzFilm3 y and 548511 m
Super Man0Fire Phoenix3 y and 914750 m
Improving site3whitesoxfan21784 y and 128150 m
Superheros1Ganesh kumar . M4 y and 647849 m
Which superhero should have their own movie?9ArashWais4 y and 647853 m
Superhero Movies / Television top 58Galactus4 y and 756809 m
Poll: Comics and movies0Avatar Prime4 y and 808240 m
Characters with their tv series6Novaforce4 y and 871637 m
Does anybody else think instead of continuing with the X-men movies they should recreate them? 1TheHood4 y and 882864 m
XBox 360 or Wii U?1SuperToddler4 y and 888437 m
Favorite Celebrities2EthanWolverineFan4 y and 963488 m
why is stan lee not in xmen 1st class and x men origin wolverine3cade5 y and 573064 m
kickass and his universe vs batman and his universe9cade5 y and 658907 m
Guardians of the Galaxy1SHOOTINGSTAR205 y and 660362 m