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Website for OC Worldbuilding8ElectroSpino65 d
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The difference between stamina and endurance.4_Holy_Joe_277 d
What is usually more accurate, Powerstats or uSTATS?6DarkProdigy277 d
Is Anyone Else Sick of This?10DarkProdigy277 d
Best Star Wars Team15SirSpidey277 d
Which Asgardian Has The Best Looking Helmet4SirSpidey277 d
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Ranking chart?2Schander277 d
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Superheroes or villains not originally from Marvel or DC that could beat them most of the time?19aajayunlimited277 d
Can Wonder Woman's lasso depower any physical being that it can completely fit around?1aajayunlimited277 d
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The Infinite Alliance3_Holy_Joe_294 d
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hello4jongensoden335 d
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There should be a SuperheroDB app for phones7Percival1 y and 18332 m
Farewell From SirSpidey11SirSpidey1 y and 19341 m
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Battle Types13Galactus1 y and 116154 m
Info/help2Nrtbrt1 y and 188502 m
This website will only let me post forums in the Website Catagory1alias_copper1 y and 214850 m
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review3wolfdragon1231 y and 256344 m
Ben10 VS Superman/Goku1tsanchezreigns1 y and 271578 m
Black mask[Roman Sionis]0dubies11 y and 315873 m
Avengers VS Justice League12BobbitsC1 y and 327313 m
Thor Ragnorok Review 3remy941 y and 348649 m
overwtach heros 0augu14231 y and 358655 m
What is the Best Superpower?5Animuislifu1 y and 361481 m
Which Super Power would you pick? 1Animuislifu1 y and 389122 m
Questions about characters4XTjelly571 y and 389907 m
Let us add Characters 4remy941 y and 436660 m
Superpowers0_Holy_Joe_1 y and 437199 m
Injustice 20GemPrincess1 y and 453668 m
Underrated Characters17Ravens361 y and 455812 m
Update0Erebus40361 y and 477524 m
Best Football Team6SirSpidey1 y and 479228 m
What Qualifies as a Power Suit 2remy941 y and 479235 m
Who is your favorite comic book writer???42011HarleyQuinn1 y and 479245 m
Battle Conditions13Galactus1 y and 481277 m
Overrated characters5Martin1 y and 485336 m
Character version (universes)2Galactus1 y and 485341 m
Wolverine who could kill him?6Heroofall1 y and 489650 m
Artists0Galactus1 y and 495440 m
Internet Pics that Superheroes/Villains not in this site already15aajayunlimited1 y and 515702 m
Adding Professor Ivo\'s Android (AKA: A.M.A.Z.O.)2Razhah421 y and 777883 m
Jedi Updates0Luke_Skywalker1 y and 787963 m
how fast is the flash I ,II,III,Zoom and the other speedsters(jay garrick,savitar,godspeed,max mercury...)1nfs1 y and 808952 m
Top 10 Sidekicks13soulcollecter341 y and 816253 m
DC Team Issues (inability to manage rosters)0sandman3251 y and 819947 m
Hierarchy 19Spectre941 y and 821571 m
download as a spreadsheet with trait ratings?0tweeje1 y and 871268 m
Interesting Debate3TheCarnage1 y and 873597 m
New: Collections7Galactus1 y and 881627 m
Gods and Demons 4God_of_Thunder1 y and 883033 m
New Character cards8Galactus1 y and 911535 m
Class System20Galactus1 y and 929127 m
Removing Character version numbers2Galactus1 y and 938249 m
Ustats5remy941 y and 944267 m
Battles: Team Battles39Galactus1 y and 986015 m