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Im sorry... for everything7Iamsorryeveryone58 d
Your worst memory on this site69jongensoden58 d
A very opinionated forum1EmptyHand62 d
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Oc High School954ManofPower67 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers5Dark_wing68 d
R.I.P Stan Lee2TheSuspect66672 d
What is your trueself14ManofPower72 d
Superhero/ Villain Freestyles78Soulcollecter5785 d
If your account was deleted (as well as all your votes) what would your new account be named and what would your profile picture be 4Dark_wing87 d
What your anime,comic waifus 2Crimsonassassin91 d
Types of disorders?4Jakcj102 d
Why I (for a couple weeks), left the site, and why I'm leaving now. Permanently13DarkProdigy144 d
Being yourself in comic,video game or movie2Dcfan123145 d
Insta0TheNemianLion155 d
If you became omniscient for a day what do you suspect you would do1Z_man_the_overpowered174 d
Rap Battle156DarkProdigy190 d
tell something about yourself88jongensoden211 d
help me please5jongensoden214 d
view this link and you are lucky in your life8ultron214 d
I wish.3windshadow215 d
Which Rap Artists Should I Listen To?14SirSpidey218 d
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.31Soulcollecter57219 d
Reasons why this Website is going bad.29Jakcj226 d
Angel And Devil On your Shoulder Of This Website56TheNemianLion235 d
Who kissesup to Galactus the most on this site?22TheNemianLion247 d
users79jongensoden248 d
DP Dream Service132DarkProdigy248 d
SHDB compared 19ManofPower248 d
Australian Accent10TheNemianLion248 d
Does anyone play dungeons and dragons?10Amirvel248 d
Hood (Simple) Narrations22Soulcollecter57251 d
Is anyone sort of famous?33windshadow252 d
Hero/Villain Freestyle Poll58Soulcollecter57254 d
SHDB vs Comicvine10DarkProdigy255 d
Ocs Raps6ManofPower255 d
Who is the most patient user on this site24TheNemianLion255 d
Do I bring jongensoden back to discord?9DarkProdigy256 d
Grammerly166TheNemianLion257 d
What is your favorite Meme2ManofPower258 d
Happy 4th Of July.14Bbq444258 d
Who is your closest friend on the site?33DarkProdigy258 d
Rap Influncers9TheNemianLion258 d
in what do you believe9borutog259 d
Stories about yourself10Jakcj259 d