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General Conversations - The Sequel227Galactus89 d
are you a boy or girl47jongensoden91 d
Would you rather "Superhero" addition 212Dark_wing91 d
What is your favorite meme?12PlasmaticPlays93 d
Who is you favorite user in the site445TheSuspect66693 d
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb25ManofPower96 d
Anyone else getting the discord issue?2EmptyHand97 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.07DarkProdigy99 d
How dose Shazam (Billy Batson) introduces himself 2Dark_wing100 d
Top Ten Rival Users25ManofPower100 d
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Who is this?4Silverbullet199089 d
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC10soratoumiga97 d
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion97 d
dimension power levels10krisodinson97 d
Most powerful DC characters list10EmptyHand98 d
Who are you bias towards?11ManofPower98 d
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand105 d
Why is my team of Gentry not in the database yet?0EmptyHand106 d
Missing Powers4_Holy_Joe_114 d
Strongest OCs for each stat24windshadow118 d
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Tag Team Debate Tournament101Soulcollecter5789 d
ManofPower's Death Battle218ManofPower90 d
The Soulcollecter's Graveyard103Soulcollecter5791 d
Doctor Fate is the most powerful SUPERhero. Prove me wrong.51soratoumiga98 d
Thanos vs Doomsday8Samuraeh99 d
Thor Earth 616(SirSpidey) vs Goku DBS(Soulcollecter57)67Soulcollecter57101 d
User Poll214SirSpidey102 d
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Earth 616 Hulk (TheNemianLion)43SirSpidey102 d
@Lordtracer if a character is more powerful than another they still might lose in the fight10EmptyHand103 d
Who can beat Pre-Retcon Beyonder?27soratoumiga105 d
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DC or Marvel25wolfdragon12389 d
Varosverse Stories 235ManofPower89 d
OC Highschool 222ManofPower90 d
OC Megaverse?12ManofPower92 d
Do you remember your first readed comic?7Yolohan96 d
Varosverse "Stories"231ManofPower109 d
Comics vs manga 2Crimsonassassin117 d
What universe would your oc be in ?8ManofPower122 d
Why are mutants (in the X-men) hated1Dark_wing131 d
Green Lantern Corps or Nova Corps? Which team is stronger?1Yolohan138 d
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Movies / Television

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New Titans Netflix3krisodinson90 d
Rank every superhero movie ever17EmptyHand91 d
The Spiderman Trilogy or Dark Knight Trilogy?6ManofPower91 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies9wolfdragon12399 d
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.5Yolohan99 d
Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)27Dark_wing115 d
Favourite characters from MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)41soratoumiga117 d
Favorite Movie Trilogy and Franchise 19SidebarTwist117 d
Why didn't thanos double the amount of resources in the universe 28Dark_wing126 d
Best Mcu films10Marvel500127 d
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Assassins creed vs Dishonored 18Dcfan12393 d
Favourite Artists/Bands/Rappers/Songs etc.17soratoumiga143 d
I'm trying to make a game 7Z_man_the_overpowered173 d
Who are you gonna main in smash Ultimate6Z_man_the_overpowered185 d
Ideas for Superman game9Z_man_the_overpowered191 d
Marvel vs Dc the game13ManofPower235 d
Who plays league of legends?4windshadow257 d
The Amazing Spider-Man issue1BenjaminJohnson274 d
Spider-Man (2018 video game)4Galactus276 d
Anyone still play Injustice?5DarkProdigy287 d
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Suggestions for the site692remy9492 d
Website bugs173Galactus95 d
SHDB v4.031Galactus126 d
Help344Galactus237 d
Best memory you've had with someone on the site28DarkProdigy90 d
How do I change my profile pic?1Dark_wing92 d
Website for OC Worldbuilding8ElectroSpino97 d
Would you rather have this website go down for two months then have a completely fixed version or keep everything the way it is now15Dark_wing97 d
Original Characters / User Characters193Galactus99 d
Missing Superpowers240Galactus101 d
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Im sorry... for everything7Iamsorryeveryone89 d
Your worst memory on this site69jongensoden89 d
A very opinionated forum1EmptyHand94 d
I have a mystery for you43DarkProdigy97 d
Report my comment0EmptyHand97 d
Alone At The Top35SirSpidey99 d
Oc High School954ManofPower99 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers5Dark_wing99 d
R.I.P Stan Lee2TheSuspect666103 d
What is your trueself14ManofPower103 d
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